Jeevan Brar
Digital content producer based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

I am currently an Interactive Coordinator for Corus Entertainment.

From 2012 until 2014, I worked as an Entertainment Editor at MSN.caBefore joining Microsoft, I spent four years as an Online Editor at Postmedia, where I supported the online newspaper departments and curated content for Canada.com. In 2008, my personal blog, The TV Watercooler shifted over to Dose.ca. This blog moved back to TheTVWatercooler.com in 2012.

I was raised on TV, which pearly skewed my understanding on how the world really worked (high school was NEVER like Beverly Hills 90210). I’ve interviewed soap stars to movie stars and even told Carly Rae Jepsen to “Call me, maybe,” in a room full of professionals. My greatest television triumph was appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as one of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 kids.

You can follow me on Twitter and Google+. For my professional site, which showcases recent career highlights, click here.

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